méxico feeds me


It is a little known fact that behind every successful chef at a restaurant, there is an extremely hard-working immigrant from Mexico or Central America who helped the chef get there. Thus, some of these noble line cooks, pastry chefs, bakers, and dishwashers have garnered some of the most unimaginable cooking skills on the planet. Yet, they go largely unrecognized--until now. This first installment in the “Mexico Feeds Me” dinner series will celebrate these unsung heroes and lend them a canvas for them to take the spotlight and cook an unforgettable dinner. 


Founder / Paola Briseño González

Paola Briseño González is a proud Pata Salada, that's Mexican coastal surf-speak for a native of Puerto Vallarta. Having been born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, a coastal city rich in culinary tradition and culture, Paola comes from a restaurant family that started two of some of the first restaurants in the 1960’s in Puerto Vallarta. She grew up in the kitchen where alongside her mother and her eleven aunts, lived the traditions of coastal cuisine and traditional cooking.


Paola studied Design at ITESO in Guadalajara, Jalisco and then graduated majoring in Design Research with a minor in Culinary Arts and Sustainability in Portland, Oregon. And it was in Oregon where she followed her passion for food. She trained under respected James Beard Award-Winner Best Chef Northwest Cory Schreiber, and worked as a food research analyst at The Food Innovation Center, where she developed several large-scale supermarket product recipes for everything from popular fruit and nut bars, to salmon burgers, yogurt and pouched Pacific Northwest tuna. As a result, she is a stickler for perfect seafood and is passionate for the hyper-local and ingredient driven approach to food. 

Paola is behind LA’s most lauded tasting events as the Executive Director of The Taste of Mexico Association and the Production Manager of Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s, Day of the Dead and The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP). Her recipes have been published on Cooking Light and Vice MUNCHIES.